Current Exhibitions

1. Serious Play
2. Collective Awakenings
3. Transformations
4. Spinning Plates
Liminal Realities + Enigmatic Constructs

My practice combines painting, printmaking and drawing to create interactive abstractions. My work is developed in a generative process of layering water-based materials on canvas and paper with techniques such as pouring, stenciling and airbrush. The resulting forms created through these improvisational methods are subsequently reconfigured through additional layering. I experiment with overlapping patterns, geometric configurations and ambiguous forms to inject challenges into my process as well as add compositional complexity. I work in series and create multiple works within that series. Each piece is its own kind of maze-like ecosystem, indelibly woven assemblages that exist as unsettled states in constant motion. Liminal Realities + Enigmatic Constructs, my recent developing series, is inspired by phenomenological concepts that explore transitions between temporal and transcendental states, translated as invented abstract forms. The work infers intersecting interests in nature as reciprocal microcosmic/macrocosmic form, metaphysics, sacred geometry, science, philosophy and mythical narratives, as well as experiences related to non-ordinary events and altered states of perception. This series is way of working through my sense of living in a world of unpredictability and change; the process of making “objects of organized chaos” is an effort to synthesize seemingly unrelated, disparate components into an amalgamated whole.
2022 Anne Rynearson