2018-2015: Liminal Realities + Enigmatic Constructs
The foundation of my creative practice is centered in a contemporary processes and concepts in painting. My imagery and narratives are developed in a balanced approach of “intuitive intention.” I integrate narrative and storytelling in the process of developing the imagery; themes inspired by myths, mysticism and science appear in my recently completed series titled, Liminal Realities + Enigmatic Constructs. These works infer narratives translated through a phenomenological/metaphysical lens, reflecting micro-macrocosmic perspectives, altered states of perception, and ineffable constructs of place, time and space. The works in this series began as a way to reinvent my imagery and reset routines in my process by delving into the unknown and experimenting with a different set of concepts and material-technical processes. These works have been “objects of organized chaos“ and an effort to synthesize disparate components into an amalgamated whole. The heart of my studio practice has always been centered around a desire to create compelling images that engage and challenge. I work in generative series and incorporate pouring, stenciling and airbrushing techniques in order to inject chance and discovery. The work and the creative act itself reminds me of a maze-like ecosystem, each image an indelibly woven assemblage that exists in a fluid state of interpretation and perception and a reflection of that moment in time.