Liminal Realities + Enigmatic Construct

This body of work began as a departure from my series, Alt-Scape. In this ongoing series, nature continues to be present, although from a philosophical, metaphysical and phenomenological point of view. These compositions and processes emphasize a persistent tension between an observed and simultaneously imagined macrocosmic-microcosmic universe. Other interests in “non-ordinary” experience, altered states of perception, mythology, sacred geometry, spiritualism and science also inform my ideas and processes. In the most personal sense, this series has also been a vehicle of reclamation and a way to move forward through the pandemic, climate change and economic uncertainty; the process of making “objects of organized chaos” has been an effort to synthesize disparate components into an amalgamated whole, to bring the pieces together into some kind of logical conclusion.


This series of paintings and prints that were inspired by my formative childhood experiences of the rural landscape and concerns relating to climate change and environmental degradation. This work was inspired, in particular, by my experience of growing up on a farm in Minnesota, my deep connection to that place and also the knowledge of the history and culture(s) of the area (good and bad). The land reflects our actions and attitudes towards it and each other; these works represent nature/”the land” in a reflexive state, as an unnatural, lack-luster substitute for its aboriginal form and existing as a symbolically displaced environmental artifact.